Jim Leach
Landscape Paintings
Jim's interest in art was inspired by his grandfather who was a landscape artist in Quebec. This, combined with Jim's love of the countryside and nature, has created a passion for landscape painting that allows Jim to express the beauty of the natural world through his art work.

In Jim's words, "Painting landscapes is a wonderful medium to allow one to appreciate the hidden colours that can be found in nature." Jim's landscape paintings reflect a bold, impressionist style, using vibrant colours to express the rich beauty of the Canadian landscape. Jim is continually inspired by the works of Tom Thomson, The Group of Seven and Rene Richard.

Jim's landscape paintings are primarily scenes from the Eastern Townships region of Quebec and the Ottawa/Gatineau area. He is predominately a "plein air" painter and enjoys the solitude of painting in situ. Even if he is without his paints, Jim always travels with a sketch book: "I seem to be able to recollect where and when each sketch was done and what the weather conditions were at the time."
Jim and Carol live in Ottawa and have two children, Gregory and Andrea, four grandchildren, Noelle, Amelia, Sophie and Graydon, and Mazy the dog.
"The Last Snow" is in the
Northumberland Hills Hospital.

It was donated to the Palliative Care Unit in recognition of the very special nurses who work there, and in memory of my Dad who passed away on June 6, 2008 and my Mom who passed away on December 29, 2017.
A Beautiful Day 36x36 SOLD
A Field 8x10
Abandoned Boathouse 12x16 SOLD
Above the Lake 18x24 SOLD
After the Rain 9x9 SOLD
An Afternoon 6x8
Birches 12x14 SOLD
Breezy Day 6x8
Bright Day 16x20
Changing Weather 8x10 SOLD
Clear Blue Sky 8x10 SOLD
Colourful Afternoon 10x12
Cool Day 24x36
Dark Clouds Rolling In 24x36
Early Spring Marsh 11x14 SOLD
Elephantus 8x10
Fading Snow 6x8
Fall 8x10
Fall Colours 8x10 SOLD
Fall Glow  6x8
Farmhouse Near Vale Perkins SOLD 10x14
Flurries 10 x 12 SOLD
Height of Fall 36x30
High Falls 6x8 SOLD
House on the Bend 12x16 SOLD
Into the Valley 9 x 12 SOLD
Jerseys Farm 11x14 SOLD
Kars Barn 10x12 SOLD
Kars Farmhouse 10x12 SOLD
Laurentian Wetlands 24x30
Near Victoria PEI 18x36
Old Homestead 18x24
On Top of Pevee 12x16
Ottawa River Farm 9x18
Pine Lake Camp 8x10 SOLD
Showers 8x10 SOLD
Skylight 9x9 SOLD
Sugar Loaf Pond 9x12 SOLD
The Gats 11x14
The Hills Beyond 9x18
The Mountain 6x8
Three Friends triptych 48x68 SOLD
Townships Outcrops 6x8
Two Friends 24x24
Vale Perkins 10x12
View Above Sargents Bay 18x24 SOLD
Wild Flowers for Carol 36x30
Winter Arrived 24x24 SOLD
Woods 8x10 SOLD
Snow Colours 11x18
Early Morning In Spring 10x12 SOLD
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